Wednesday, 18 January 2017

How to Pack Makeup and Toiletries When Shifting

Two very common things that every one of us need to pack when planning for a move is makeup items and toiletries. Shifting is not at all a simple business, when you are supposed to move you are actually making one of the biggest decisions of your life. If you have a huge makeup collection, and are not planning to bring the entire thing with you in your car, you might have some questions on the best way to pack things so they stay protected during the move. Packing the makeup items is really a tough thing to manage. We are mentioning here the most useful tips that would definitely aid you in moving forward to this desire of yours.

How to Pack Your Toiletries Like a Beauty Editor

If you are moving with shampoo bottles, body wash, conditioner, lotions and creams then the chances of bottle explosion during the move and spilling into other belongings is very real. The best way to mitigate this risk is very simple. Take off the lid to whatever liquid you are trying to contain, put either a Ziploc bag or saran wrap over the opening, laying it flat to create a loose seal, and then screw the lid back on. This will keep your shampoos where they belong; in the bottle.

In your makeup kit eye shadow is another important thing that you need to take care while packing. If you want to prevent breakage of your eye shadow while moving then you should place either a cotton ball or a small cotton pad in the container. While this is not a foolproof way to prevent your powders and shadows from breaking, if they do shatter the cotton will keep it somewhat contained, potentially allowing it to be salvaged.

Moving with your lipstick is one of the common things that you do. Lipsticks are heat sensitive; hence if you are moving in summers then surely the summer heat is going to damage this very dear property of yours. Moving trucks are not climate controlled, and leaving your expensive lipstick collection in a truck that has been sitting in the sun for a day or two could spell disaster.

In order to keep your expensive body and face products safe and secure it is mandatory for you to learn about its packing technique. Along with this if hiring packers and movers(in Gurgaon) for the task, then also you are going to save a big portion of your money. In order to save your precious belongings from damages, it is better that you hire packers and movers and groom yourself with your old things at the next destination.  

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